The Lacking State of Preparedness in the Modern World

Preparedness used to be a way of life in this country, but it is unfortunately a skill that has gone by the wayside in the last two generations.   Ask most people today what they would do if they were stuck in their homes for two to three days, or longer, and you will get a blank stare as if the thought had never occurred to them.  We do not have to go back far to see the lack of preparedness.  Just two years ago in October of 2012 Hurricane Sandy caused tens of billions of dollars of damage in 24 states, destroying homes and leaving millions without electric service.  Even with advanced warning and planning millions were without power for days on end.  Lines at the gas station stretched for miles and looting started almost immediately after the storm.

Lack of Preparedness Hurricane Sandy Waiting for Gas

Residents in the blackout zone wait for gas in a nearby zone with power.


On the evening of the storm, shelves were emptied of most all usable items were emptied from the shelves as shown in this picture from the ShopRite supermarket in Montgomery, New York.  Bottled water, food and usable items disappeared as people scrambled to have something on hand.  In previous generations the last minute scramble would have been unnecessary as items such as food and water were common staples that were kept in the house, usually in abundance.  Times have changed and the populace has let its guard down.  With all the comforts of today’s life it is easy to see where this attitude developed.  Living without power or running water is almost unheard of today, but not so long ago these items were all luxuries.


Lack of Preparedness Hurricane Sandy Supermarket

Empty shelves at a ShopRite supermarket in Montgomery, New York.

I remember fondly the time I spent with my Grandparents, both of which lived through the depression.   Comparing their generation to mine there are several differences I can see, most notably how resources were used.  Instead of a throwaway society items were kept and re-used until they could not be reused anymore.  Scrap cloth would be kept to use for another project.  Appliances were fixed instead of thrown away.  Without even thinking about it they automatically had food, water and general use items on hand in case they needed them.


The change in attitude is somewhat understandable.  As life becomes more comfortable it is much easier to believe that nothing bad can ever happen, and that if something does someone else will be there to take care of you.  The easier road, though, is not always the best path to take.  If you are reading this blog you undoubtedly have had thoughts along the same lines.  At some point something has happened that has opened your eyes to the fragile ecosystem that we are living in currently.  For me it was the birth of my first child.  A few days after she was born the largest snowstorm to hit the area we were living in hit, leaving use snowed into our condo for two days.  Like many others that day, my Wife and I ran to the store to get what we could in case it was needed.  Water and food, diapers and wipes and other necessary items.  While we were standing in an enormous line to checkout the thought occurred to me that we were lucky to have been to the store early that evening.


I for one never wanted to wonder if I could have the items my family needed available and ever since I have worked toward that end, making sure that my family will be comfortable, and not need to rush to the store to get last minute necessary items if something were to happen.



Consider the following items and answer them truthfully to yourself:

  • If there was a snowstorm in your area (or an earthquake, flood or hurricane) would you have to rush to the store and fight for what items you could get?
  • If you were laid off from your Job tomorrow would you have food to feed your family until you found another job?
  • If the area you live in was flooded and the drinking water was contaminated, would you have ample water to drink while repairs were made?


If you answered no to any of these questions we can help!  Don’t rely on someone else to take care of you or your family.  Learn the skills you need to provide for your family during hard times, and teach life saving skills to your family and children!  Secure your dynasty today and learn how easy being prepared for the small bumps in life really is.

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