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Let me preface this article by stating that I am not a Medical Professional, nor am I offering Medical Advice in this article. I am just a concerned preparedness minded individual looking to share my thoughts and research.  As most have probably already seen on the news and other media outlets, Coronavirus has become an alarming issue in China at the moment. As of January 28th 2020 there are currently 6,056 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and a total of 132 deaths. A majority of the confirmed cases (5,982) and all of the deaths are within China and its regions. That leaves a total of 74 confirmed cases outside of China in the following countires (Source):

Infographic: Where There Are Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

From what we currently know about the virus, is this the next pandemic? Not according to the World Health Organization director-general during a press conference (Source). Could it become more severe? Certainly it could. Let’s take a look at the numbers we have currently. From the total of 6,056 infected we have an observed mortality rate of 132, giving us around a 2.1% mortality rate for Coronavirus. This is just slightly elevated about the typical influenza which has a mortality rate around 2%. (Source)

A couple of items we need to take into consideration are that these are just the reported numbers. There have been reports that there are shortages of test kits for Coronavirus in China at the moment. (Source) Also all populations, hygiene practices and healthcare systems are not created equal. On a good day China’s healthcare system is taxed, and when something as widespread and contagious as Coronavirus pops up it is going to strain the system to its

Comparing the numbers we have seen to the drastic measures the Chinese government has taken with quarantining cities along with pledging to build a 1000 bed hospital in Wuhan 10 days, I just don’t see things adding up. Is it possible that the situation in China is much more severe, with a much broader infection and mortality rate than is being reported? At the moment it is just too soon to accurately tell or determine. Before this started we also need to take into account the massive protests for freedom in Hong Kong that were garnering global support. Saving the world from a global catastrophe lends legitimacy back to the Chinese government, along with the side benefit of being able to freely limit travel and public gatherings. Either way I believe we will need further insight to determine motives and severity of the crisis in China, and globally.

In the coming days we need to watch the outcomes and infection rates outside of China for a clue as to if this will become a more globally reaching issue. In the meantime we all should be watching this situation and shoring up preps and supplies as needed. Avoid public places and high traffic areas such as large public gatherings and travel hubs such as Airports and Train stations as much as you can.

If you feel the need and do not already have some pandemic supplies on hand here are some links below.  Due to everything thats going on many places are out of stock on most supplies, or prices are rising.  That is personally why we usually suggest having some supplies on hand before a scare or threat like this rears its head.

Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook

Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease

Disposable Face Masks

3M Healthcare N95 Respirator Masks

Antifog Goggles

Disposable Tyvek Suit


If you are new to preparedness and are looking for some quick easy ways you can become better prepared, take a look at our Quick Tip series on Youtube with some quick essential ways you can be better prepared



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