FTC Disclosure and Product Review Policy

FTC Disclosure and Product Review Policy

Dynasty Preppers LLC strives to provide quality reviews, tips and content and as such we want to be as transparent as possible with all of our viewers.  In general most of our reviews feature items in a positive light (we will point out nuances and issues with products that are reviewed).  In general though we will not take the time to write or record a review on a product we do not like or feel would be worthwhile.

Several of the items we review are products that we have purchased, however over time this can become fairly costly.  We do accept product samples from manufacturers, dealers and representatives and we will most often keep the sample gear whether we review the product or not.

It is at our sole discretion if we choose to review (or not review) any product that is submitted to us.

We strive to provide our viewers with fair, honest and consistent reviews and ratings.  As such we make no promises to manufacturers, dealers or representatives to review products or to provide favorable reviews for products.

For your convenience we often provide Amazon links or other affiliate links to products we review or talk about in our articles and videos.  We do receive a small percentage from the purchase price if you choose to use the links we provide to purchase products.  We always strive to find the best available prices for any items that we link to, but we are not able to guarantee this is always the case.  We appreciate any items you purchase when using our affiliate links as this helps us to keep providing quality videos, articles and content for you.

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