03-01-16 Daily Prep: Buying in Bulk


Our food storage motto is “Buy what you Eat, Eat what you Buy” This takes your food prepping needs further than just being prepared for a total disaster. You will be prepared for everyday food needs. Which brings me to buying in bulk. All those staples that you use on a weekly basis keep them in bulk in your preps. We buy many things in bulk (sugar, flour, oats, salt, etc.) In our garage at any given time we have about 18 5-7 gallon buckets filled with our essentials. This creates not only food preparedness but also convenience. These buckets only have things we use all the time. We rotate out the food and always keep them at least half capacity. We save money buying in bulk and are always prepared for the unknown food crisis which for us is usually a snow storm that keeps us home. We don’t worry we always have enough food ready and on hand.



Bulk Storage

5 gallon food safe buckets

Gamma seal lids

Bulk Food (here is what we keep on hand) You keep on hand what you use. We don’t eat gluten and haven’t for years so we don’t keep any flour on hand.

Black Rice

Brown Rice

White Rice

Rolled oats

Steal cut oats

Gluten Free flour baking mix

Gluten Free Bread mix

Tapioca flour

Gluten Free flour


Garbanzo Beans




Pink Salt

Baking Soda

Epsom Salt

-Expeller pressed coconut oil  (I order my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions in a 5 gallon bucket when they run a free shipping sale, which is about once a month)

-Extra virgin coconut oil


What did you do today to secure your dynasty?

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