OverEZ Chichen Waterer Review Video – Large Chicken Waterer – Backyard Homestead

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OverEZ Chichen Waterer Review Video – Large Chicken Waterer – Backyard Homestead

Are you tired of constantly filling and cleaning your chickens water? Today we take a look at the 12 Gallon Waterer from OverEz Chicken Coop. This is a handy large waterer for your chickens that you will not have to fill as often, and due to its enclosed design you won’t have to clean often either. The part we like the best is the design of the lid that makes cord access for a heater in the winter super easy.

See More at OverEZ Chicekn Coop – https://overezchickencoop.com/products/overez-chicken-waterer
OverEZ Chicken Feeder – https://amzn.to/384mlar
OverEZ Chicken Waterer – https://amzn.to/362DBdm

Watch this video if:
– You need a great easy to maintain chicken watering solution
– You are looking for Chicken Coop automation ideas

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